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๐Ÿ“ก Research Tracker

๐Ÿ“… Publication Date ๐Ÿงช Research
March 2023 Decoding a New JavaScript Malware Campaign
December 2022 Using ChatGPT to Visualize Ransomware Leak Site Data
October 2022 Yanlouwang Ransomware Leaks Analysis
July 2022 Minecraft & IT software targeted with fake websites & Remote Access Trojans
May 2022 ViperSoftx Expanded - Torrents lead to JavaScript-based Cryptocurrency Stealers
April 2022 Choziosi Loader Analysis
April 2022 HeatMap Visualization with Python
March 2022 Conti Ransomware Leaks
November 2021 Malware Analysis Resources and Tools
May 2020 Tweetdeck for Threat Intel
March 2020 Chrome Extension Analysis

๐Ÿ“‚ Open Source Projects

Date Project Purpose
Spring of 2022 Safer_PoC_CVE-2022-22965 A Safer PoC for CVE-2022-22965 (Spring4Shell)
Fall of 2019 viper-plugins Plugins for the binary analysis & management system Viper
Summer of 2018 Web-Login-Brute-Force Basic python web login brute force tool

๐Ÿค Research Refrences & Shoutouts

Date Research Publishing Entity
August 2022 Multiple attackers: A clear and present danger Sophos
July 2022 OODA: X-Ops Takes On Burgeoning SQL Server Attacks Sophos
June 2022 Telerik UI exploitation leads to cryptominer, Cobalt Strike infections Sophos
May 2022 ChromeLoader: a pushy malvertiser Red Canary
January 2022 Zloader Installs Remote Access Backdoors and Delivers Cobalt Strike Sophos
December 2019 Ransomware in New Orleans Attack Is Likely Organized Crime GovTech
July 2019 Hunting the Hunters: Identifying Threats Early and Often Crowe