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Minecraft & IT software targeted with fake websites & Remote Access Trojans

Minecraft & IT software targeted with fake websites & Remote Access Trojans

Background research

In January of 2022 Félix Aimé from SEKOIA shared a detailed twitter thread about a threat actor targeting open source projects. Some of the domains that Félix proactively shared were hosted and abused. Bleeping Computer published an article about this campaign titled: Trojanized dnSpy app drops malware cocktail on researchers, devs

In June of 2022 I tweeted about malicious advertising targeting OpenBroadcastSoftware leading to remote access trojans.

In July of 2022 Twitter users @felixaime and @_yannis2707 discussed new domains operated by this threat actor. This blog post aims to summarize the existing research and observations about this threat actor


Source: @felixaime on twitter, Threat Intel at SEKIO. Janurary 2022.

Attack Overview

Malicious advertising -> Malware download -> Scheduled Task Creation -> Download of Remote Access Trojans & CryptoMiners

This blog post is primarily focused on documenting the network infrastructure used and will not feature full malware analysis (at least for now).

Active Targeting as of July 3rd


All of the following domains were setup by this threat actor to distribute malware. In some cases search engine adverting is leveraged to increase inbound web traffic.


  • apachefriends[.]co


  • minecraft-launcher[.]net
  • tlauncherminecraft[.]net
  • optifine[.]app

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

  • obsproject[.]app


  • notepad-plus-plus[.]co

dnSpy .NET debugger and assembly editor

  • dnspy[.]dev

CPU Diagnostics Tools

  • cpu-z[.]org
  • gpu-z[.]org

Online, but not active yet


  • minecraft-download[.]win
  • minecraft-java[.]com
  • minecraftfree[.]net
  • minecraftz[.]net

Historical Targets

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

  • streamlabsobs[.]net
  • obs-studio[.]net


  • xampp[.]download

Tor Browser

  • tor-browser[.]co

Other Security & IT Tools

  • cmder[.]co
  • sandboxies[.]net
  • mingw64[.]net
  • dev-c[.]net
  • de4dot[.]net
  • dnspy[.]net

Other Historical Threat Actor Websites

  • combolist[.]cloud
  • windows-software[.]co
  • toolbase[.]co
  • torfiles[.]net
  • coolmint[.]net
  • filesr[.]net
  • windows-software[.]net
  • tools-utilities[.]net
  • carbonblackz[.]art

Second Stage & C2 Indicators

Threat Actor Cloud Hosting


Threat Actor Malware Scripts

  • codenote[.]org/raw/6mhzh0nqmg
  • notepadd[.]net/raw/b4ym7
  • codenote[.]org/raw/xhwv8nqthh
  • notepadd[.]net/raw/obsx

Command and Control Servers

  • xiiideath[.]com
  • inject1byte[.]com
  • black-crystal[.]net
  • 4api[.]net
  • 4bash[.]net
  • 4need[.]net
  • 4perl[.]net
  • duck[.]black
  • l96[.]org
  • OBS-Studio-27.2.4-Full-Installer-x64.exe
    • 1689db24be08cc680864338e57088c784d141187
  • obs64.exe
    • 2735c8a59d391cbc7377bd0eabc846462b110acd
  • n.exe
    • 8e6c31409562dae2beaeaee873de14fc98caba7a
  • TLauncher-2.841-Installer-0.9.9.exe
    • ecb3b9b63b226cfe1534260f63165bdc5730d136
  • s.exe
    • d6a142337788d09e98af6665ea44899b248e46fd