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Yanlouwang Ransomware Leaks

Yanlouwang Ransomware Leaks Analysis

On October 31st the twitter account @yanluowangleaks published communication data from Yanlouwang ransomware. The data appear to be leaked from matrix chat servers.

Overview of Leaked Data

Leaked Data File Names

  • hello1.json
  • hello2.json
  • hello3.json
  • hello4.json
  • coder-saint.json
  • stealer-felix.json

All unique matrix usernames:

'@killanas', '@saint', '@stealer', '@djonny', '@calls', '@felix', '@win32', '@nets', '@seeyousoon', '@shoker', '@coder', '@ddos', '@gykko', '@loader1', '@guki', '@shiwa', '@zztop', '@al', '@coder0'

Message Sender Frequency

  • 1031 @saint
  • 762 @killanas
  • 338 @guki
  • 293 @felix
  • 159 @stealer
  • 64 @djonny
  • 27 @coder
  • 20 @calls
  • 2 @coder0
  • 6 @ddos
  • 19 @win32
  • 15 @loader1
  • 13 @zztop
  • 3 @nets
  • 2 @shiwa
  • 1 @shoker
  • 1 @al

Interesting Chats

Reaction to REvil FSB Arrest

The username saint shared a link to an article in Russian: Daily Storm publishes profiles of suspects in the case of the REvil group

“the five people involved are former classmates”

“Пятеро фигурантов — бывшие одноклассники”

- Tue 1 February 2022

Timestamp HeatMap Analysis

I leveraged python and plotly to generate timestamp heat maps for the 5 most frequent usernames observed in the leaked data. More information about the methodology used can be found in my article:

HeatMap Visualizer

yanluowang all

HeatMap Visualizer


HeatMap Visualizer


HeatMap Visualizer


HeatMap Visualizer


HeatMap Visualizer